Fabric Duct versus Sheet Metal Duct




Our fabrics weigh no more than 0.4-1.0 oz/ft2. This
results in featherweight loads on building structures and minimizes on-site labor.


Conventional sheet metal ducts are about 40 times heavier than fabric duct, subjecting roof and overhead structures to increased loading. Site rigging is costly, involving lifting gear and additional labor.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Our unique and flexible approach to air distribution systems, involving a number of proprietary fabrics and Flow Models, ensuring maximum comfort in occupied spaces.

Outdated air distribution technology

Conventional sheet metal systems often generate both stagnant zones and areas with drafts in the occupied spaces. This technology has not kept pace with the increasing demand for improved IAQ.

Silent air delivery

Under normal operating conditions, fabric ducts generate
a maximum noise of NC 20, making this product the first
choice of end users and architects.

Generates noise

High exit velocities through grilles and diffusers generate irritating noise, while rigid sheet metal ducts transmit mechanical noise to the occupied spaces.

No condensation

Permeable fabrics emit supply air through the entire
surface area of fabric ducts. Even with high temperature
differences condensation will not settle on fabric ducts
during cooling operations.

Insulation required

Un-insulated sheet metal ducts act as condensing surfaces for free moisture in the surrounding air, resulting in the build-up of unhygienic condensation and mold, which are hazardous to human health.

Minimize on site labor

Our unique series of suspension systems, coupled with
lightweight fabric ducts drastically cut down on-site labor

High installation cost

The complexity of hanging heavy sheet metal ducts, coupled with additional labor for mounting grilles and diffusers, makes the installation of this type of system costly.

No price increases

The price of fabrics follows normal index trends and shows no sign of wild fluctuations. This means redictable prices for fabric ducts.

Inflation hits metal prices

The current high demand for steel has resulted in an
unprecedented price hike in common sheet metal resulting in large cost increases in the sheet metal duct industry.

Simple maintenence

Fabric ducts are simple to launder and clean when
necessary, making planned maintenance cost-effective.

Duct cleaning

Cleaning the inside surface of a sheet metal duct system is difficult and therefore more costly resulting in extended periods between necessary maintenance.

Wide range of colors

The fabric ducts are available in an attractive range of
that will enhance any interior décor.

On-site painting

To enhance a sheet metal duct system requires extensive on-site preparation and painting, adding significant extra
costs to the system.


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