Why spend time on diffusers, grilles and dampers on a dispersion system,
when you can get it built-in beforehand in a Fabric Duct System?

Many functions known from conventional metal ducts are fully integrated in a fabric system. Diffusers, grilles, dampers etc. are completely redundant. A fabric system is all inclusive.

These you can forget about when using fabric ducts

No extra grilles or diffusers are necessary. The fabric ducts
functions both as a duct
system and as an air
dispersion system.
 No damper is necessary.
A Fabric Duct System
does not require
No extra
is needed
reduction of
fan noise).
Noiseless is
the standard.

Everything is included in a fabric duct dispersion system
Painting is not
The fabrics
are dyed.
No inconvenient shortenings
or assembly on site. A fabric
system fits straight from the factory,
is assembled with zippers and is ready
for suspension as soon as it arrives.
  No extra insulation is
necessary. Fabric ducts are
condensation free.

This is where fabric ducts saves time and money

 Materials Addition Transportation Addition  Installation Summerize 30%-70% savings
Materials – the price of metal is unstable and has become very high over the years. The price of fabric is stable and has not changed substantially over the years. Savings are 10% to 40%. Transportation – metal ducts take up a lot of space. This is reflected in the cost of transportation. Fabric Duct Systems are rolled up and transported by courier or a freight company. Savings are 20% to 70%.

Installation – assembling metal ducts is time-consuming. Working with a fabric duct system is easy and simple. Savings are 20% to 90%.
graph red  = A conventional metal system      graph yellow  = A fabric duct system







Total difference in cost
Fabric duct solutions are 30% to 70% less expensive than metal especially due to the reduced costs of installation and transportation.


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